Lighting the lamp of Wisdom.

            The KVS EMS library is something more than a library. It is a paradise of amazement, a home where our buds are inspired, en-lighted and made happy. Here our kids learn the value of books in their academic development. The library plays an integral part in the delivery of curricular programme. It provides the adequate supporting material in the learning process by helping them in their projects and assignments. It also serves as a storehouse of information and reference for our teaching faculties. Students would mandatory visit twice a week along with their class and would also be free to visit individually at all leisure times to research or browse. The library ensure that the reading process goes on successfully by making students reveal the review of the books they have read. In addition it also celebrates the Book Reading Day to inculcate the spirit of reading books. On the whole our library is an up to date collection of professional books, periodicals, journals, encyclopedias and dictionaries authored by experts in the field.